Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wonderings

In my humble opinion, the students of Peabody's ENED 2100 class have done one spectacular job in the first less-than-two months of the BLOG!

Neely's News has been tweeted about by Vanderbilt Twitterers. Former students have sent me e-mails telling me how they are enjoying the BLOG and several have even left comments. And one former student has even suggested that we need to expand what we are doing.

Since you were all once undergrads, you know that for a professor to spring some new assignment on students at mid-semester is despised. So, I shall refrain from that! Rather, I'll start my own

                                             Weekend Wonderings 

postings. Each weekend (probably on Saturday nights, as that is still the dullest and slowest time of my week), I will post a short piece inviting requests for what future posts might be of use.

For example, Amber Parks wrote me this week with this comment and question: "I have enjoyed reading students' reviews and recommendations of great children's books. Where/how do I post my request for them to keep an eye out for books that deal with big moral themes such as courage, determination, believing in yourself, etc.?"

So, when we all return from our Fall Break (i.e., long weekend), I will ask the class to look for books to review that relate to Amber's request.
Whether you are a practicum student, student teacher, excellent classroom teacher of Preschoolers through Sixth graders, consultant, parent, blogger, whatever.....
please leave comments that will help us all keep you all informed!  

Happy Reading, Ann

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  1. Hooray! I am excited to see what students and blog readers suggest!